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List of Circle & SSA Level Appellate Authority/PIOs/APIOs

 Sl.No.  Name & Designation  Office Address  Contact No.  
 01.  Sri.A.K.Binjola GM(HR & A)  O/o the CGMT, Assam Circle  2736394(O),Mobile No.94355-99733, 22736395(Fax)  Appellate Authority
 03.  Sri. D.N. Pegu, DGM(A&HR)  O/o the CGMT, Assam Circle  2736340(O),Mobile No. 94350-00255, 2516286(Fax)  PIO
 01.  Sri. C.K. Mohapatra,GM(Bongaigaon)  O/o the GMTD, Bongaigaon  224567(O),230914(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00008  Appellate Authority
 02.  Sri. J.C. Adhikari, DGM(P&A)  O/o the GMTD, Bongaigaon  230958(O),237081(Fax) Mobile No. 94350-00354  PIO
 03.  Sri. S. K. Sutradhar, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Bongaigaon  230750(O),Mobile No.9435000280  APIO
 01.  Sri G.K. Mishra, GM(Dibrugarh)  O/o the GMTD, Dibrugarh  2325080(O),2323877(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00030  Appellate Authority
 02.  G.C. Deori,DGM(P&A)  O/o the GMTD, Dibrugarh  2325260(O),2325860(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00373  PIO
 03.  Sri S. L. Barua, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Dibrugarh  2325888(O),2325732(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00378  APIO
 01.  Sri Hari Shing Pawar, GM(Jorhat)  O/o the GMTD, Jorhat  2304555(O),2304044(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00422  Appellate Authority
 02.  Sri R.K.Basumatary, DGM(P&A)  O/o the GMTD, Jorhat  231120(O),2323712(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00302  PIO
 03.  Sri R.L. Bora, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Jorhat  2324896(O),Mobile No.94350-00386  APIO
 01.  Sri. Sandip Govil, GM(Kamrup)  O/o the GMTD, Kamrup  2540300(O),2540401(Fax),Mobile No. 94265-13500  Appellate Authority
 02.  Sri. Ravinder Kr. Jakhar, DGM (P&A), Kamrup  O/o the GMTD, Kamrup  2451222(O),2451352(Fax),Mobile No.94351-01130  CPIO
 03.  Sri. S. Das, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Kamrup  2543030(O),2731715(Fax),Mobile No.----  APIO
 SSA: NAGAON-03672
 01.  SSri H.C. Kachari, GM(Nagaon)L/A  O/o the GMTD, Nagaon  258777(O),258500(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00099  Appellate Authority
 02.  Sri H.C. Kachari, DGM(P&A)  O/o the GMTD, Nagaon  235800(O),258500(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00292  PIO
 03.  Sri Upen Bora, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Nagaon  237354(O),234666(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00298  APIO
 01.  Sri D.C. Tikader, GM(Silchar)  O/o the GMTD, Silchar  239888(O),230903(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00092  Appellate Authority
 02.  Sri Avijit Das, DGM(P&A)  O/o the GMTD, Silchar  260260(O),260321(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00090  PIO
 03.  Sri U.K.Misra, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Silchar  262277(O),260321(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00090  APIO
 SSA: TEZPUR-03712
 01.  Sri S.K. Deb, GM(Tezpur)  O/o the GMTD, Tezpur  03712-225500(O),224455(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00422  Appellate Authority
 02.  Sri G.S.Gurudatta, DGM(P&A)  O/o the GMTD, Tezpur  231423(O),223333(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00021  PIO
 03.  Sri M.K.Bhattacharjee, AGM(Admn)  O/o the GMTD, Tezpur  220567(O),252133(Fax),Mobile No.94350-00819  APIO

In pursuance of provisions contained in Section 5(1) and (2) of the "Right to Information Act, 2005", the competent authority has designated the following officers as Public Information Officer (PIO) and Assistant Public Information Officers (APIOs) for Assam Telecom Circle, BSNL.

Subscribers/Customers seeking information on RTI Act-05 are requested to submit requisite application fee of Rs.10/-.  (Rupees Ten ) only in the form of Cash/IPO/DD/Bankerís Cheque in favour of AO (Cash) of respective SSAs (Bongaigaon/Dibrugarh/Jorhat/ Kamrup/Nagaon/Silchar/Tezpur)